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Whether fresh water, salt water on open spaces or in halls. Whether it is a cycle, flow with cold or hot water, we realize from 20 to 20,000 m³ per system. An experienced team of architects, fish farmers, farm experts and food distributors is at your disposal. 45 years of knowledge for your success.


Aquaculture is the controlled breeding of aquatic organisms, i.e. aquatic organisms, especially fish, mussels, crabs and algae. It differs from classic fishing in the assignment to an owner.


The advantages of aquaculture compared to traditional fishing are, on the one hand, lower prices and the continuous and predictable volume. They counteract overfishing of the oceans and represent a new source of food.

● No space loss through corridors and sub-rooms
● All units integrated in the system.
● No additional floor space, no pipes.
● Sorting automatically without stretches.

● Low energy consumption
● Fish harvest automatically without manwork
● We plan and deliver down to the last detail.
● You build yourself as you wish and need.

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